Start manifesting the life you desire

Get the manifestation journal with daily tools and affirmations designed to help you manifest the life of your dreams.

You know that to manifest your dreams, you need a way to…


The Daily Manifestation Journal

The free journal that gives you the tools and guided affirmations needed to start manifesting the goals you’ve always dreamt about. 

In this free printable manifestation journal, you’ll find:

  • 7 simple steps to adopt to start manifesting your dream life
  • Guided journaling prompt to identify and map out how to manifest what you’d like in life
  • Daily affirmations that support a focused and positive mindset
  • Reusable manifestation and affirmation sheets


I'm Karin, a Certified Professional Coach

I’ve always been in the coaching world but focused on the corporate aspect of coaching.
I realized that not only was it not as fulfilling as I’d like, but that my professional clients actually needed to do spiritual work before they could have the success they desired.

Today, I focus on spirituality and personal development as an avenue to manifesting the life of your dreams. And I know this journal is a great starting point for you to begin manifesting yours.