Hi, I’m Karin

I’m a certified professional coach with a background in both career coaching and life coaching; and I’m specialized in coaching people that are at a crossroads in their life. I love working with clients that are at the edge of change, and that are ready for transformation! 

In my coaching practice I help my clients find their path and to step up to their true potential. I’m not just your regular ”ask challenging questions” kind of life coach; thanks to my intuitive gifts I can see what paths that are available for you, and what paths to take in order to be the most happy and fulfilled, and I can give you actionable advice based on what I see.

Book your first Life Coaching Session today! I can guarantee you it will give you the clarity you are looking for. It’s a 45 minute session where we focus on whatever topic you prefer – love, relationships, separation, family, career path, life purpose etc. 

My coaching sessions are all via Zoom video link and you get to keep a recording of our session. I’m Swedish by the way, which means the coaching is offered in English or Swedish!

Book your session below – or contact me via this form if you have questions.